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After the grand success of our yahoo! group


I am here again with the site for all of our friends.

God told me that he will send,
Someone whom I can call a 'Friend',
Someone who will leave me never,
So that we are Friends Forever !

Friends are many, but only a few friends make a mark on our Life. They are not just our friends, but our ideals. We consider them as mentors who teach us the lessons of life. We never want them to go away from our Life. They spread smiles wherever they go, they help us, they encourage us. They give us the motivation, which is the single factor which can turn the tides. Through ups and downs of our life, they are with us. They make us feel the spirit of Life.

For all the friends on net. vulgar pics/Links are strictly PROHIBITED....

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FREE CALLS AND SMS is now possible....using some tips and tricks....

07/01/2009 14:48
Friends, Being the moderator of this group, I always like to bring some good stuff for you. Today I would like to give a GOOD all of you. You might have heard many times about FAKE WEBSITES  providing you the facility of  "FREE CALLS AND FREE SMS".... Now after my research...

Apple today announced the launch of the 3G iPhone

06/10/2008 11:46
Apple today announced the launch of the 3G iPhone, officially launching on July 11. They’ve also reduced the price of the phone to $199 and $299 for the 8GB and 16GB model respectively. This is, in my opinion, a great price for such a great product. If you didn’t catch the info in the local...

Use your TV as a Computer Monitor, Learn How

05/09/2008 12:08
Imagine... using your TV as a Computer Monitor, whether you want to use your TV for browsing, watching your favourite Saas Bahu serial, hahha....... even watching your movie stored in Hard disk. The thought has certainly crossed the minds of many of us. Using your old television set to good use as...

Pre-Register iPhone in India : Airtel and Vodaphone

04/09/2008 15:59
Now, after a long time, there a assurance that iPhone is here in India. But to make us feel good the new iPhones comes with 3G, GPS, Better Battery Life etc. Hows it differs from the old one ? Almost Double the speeds on Edge and 3G A-GPS , which supplements regular satellite GPS data...

Goodness of Firefox and Sweetness of Safari : The Chrome

04/09/2008 15:56
  Google released a new Browser called Chrome, few hours ago. Now, many of you might say its a browser created by Google to create a monopoly. But its also created to break the monopoly. As of now, around 50% of the world internet population uses Internet Explorer, be it 6 or 7, hence...

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